Friday, September 16, 2011

Do Custom Websites for Listings Work?

My sellers had already moved to Arizona when they called me in response to an expired listing letter. They had their home listed with another agent, it didn’t sell, and they weren’t happy with the agent’s efforts to sell their home. I explained my Big WoW Marketing package to them (see a sample at and they listed their house with me, albeit at more than I told them it was worth. I suggested $325,000; they wanted to list it at $359,000.

A potential buyer called me soon thereafter. He was visiting from out of the area, and he had seen my directional sign on the main road, and had followed it to the property, where he pulled a flyer out of the flyer box. Intrigued by the photos and 3D floor plan, he called me to see the inside of the home. I called my assistant in that area, and she immediately met the buyer and his family and showed the home to them. They went home, and the next week called me to write up an offer.

They offered what I described to my sellers as “top dollar,” $335,000, and we put it in escrow. During our inspection period, the buyer found several key issues of which the sellers were not aware, including

  • A failed septic tank.
  • Significant pest issues.
  • A failing roof.

Had we simply deducted the cost of these repairs from the purchase price, we would have been well below $300,000. Instead we re-entered the negotiating process. The buyer really wanted the property, and the seller was adamant about getting what they considered a fair price. Through much dialogue, we were able to arrive at a purchase price of $317,500, a price that was acceptable to both the buyer and the seller.

Toward the end of the escrow, I emailed my buyer regarding some final details, and asked if the Big WoW Marketing package we produced had helped him through the process. This is what he said:


… In regards to your website, it was very helpful and was instrumental in us making this decision. Its human nature to question a large purchase as time goes by and you can’t see what your contemplating buying…the fact that I could daily go to the site, share pictures with friends and keep the excitement going was probably the main reason we went through with the deal. I doubt we would have done the deal without the site.

Thanks again for all your help….look forward to meeting you at some point in the future.


Had we lost that buyer, we would have had to sell for under $300,000; instead we were able to sell for $315,500. That’s in increase of over 5%! The fact that Big WoW marketing engaged the buyer’s heart and mind on a daily basis from 250 miles away meant an extra $15,500 in the sellers’ pockets.

There's no question that custom websites for listings take more up-front effort and investment on my part. But not only does the increased sales price mean a bigger pay check for me and my sellers, the increased client satisfaction means more listings and more paychecks than I could accomplish without offering this Big Wow Marketing package.