Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Real Estate Market Stats - Humboldt County, CA , February 2013

The statistics for Humboldt County's real estate market are very, very remarkable. I've had to tweak the parameters of my graph axis to keep the data on the chart!

The inventory of active homes in Humboldt County has literally fallen off the charts! I've never seen less than 500 homes on the market until last December, and now we are under 400! There is a real shortage of homes on the market right now!

But demand is up! We sold more homes in January than any of the past 5 years, and more than the average of the 6 years before that! Folks are buying homes!

With supply low and demand high, we should see rising prices. Well, not quite yet, but they are certainly not falling. We spent most of last year between $240K and $260K. We start this year right at $240K, a $17K improvement over last year!

Similarly, the median home price is up over last January, and right in line with our market performance last year.
The bottom line is that Humboldt County's real estate market is poised for some nice price gains. If you're thinking about buying, this might be your last chance to buy "at the bottom." If you need to sell, there is limited competition, so call me and let's jump in!