Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why I Love Humboldt County, California!

I Love Humboldt County, California!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

But just in case you missed some of them, let me repeat.  The mountains trail down right to the ocean, so we Eurekans can walk on the beach, often in the warm sun, and see snow in the mountain peaks inland a few miles.  I love the way big waves crash against our rocky coast and spray foam everywhere.  I love to walk the docks and quiz my wife about the different types of rigs on the sailboats.  I love buying fresh crab or fresh tuna off the fishing boats in the marina.  70% of the oysters grown in California are grown in Humboldt Bay! 

And the Victorian seaport of Eureka is a fabulous place to wander and look.  The architecture is epic!  The Carson Mansion is widely considered to be the most prominent example of Queen Anne Victorian architecture, and there are so many gorgeous examples of Victorian architecture in the Old Town area!  There are tons of cute little stores for shopping.  Great food in a wide variety of restaurants.  And lots of interesting people!  I truly love Eureka!

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