Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great Humboldt County 3rd District Supervisorial Forum!

Mark Lovelace

Humboldt Association of Realtors had a great candidate forum tonight between two great people, incumbent Mark Lovelace and challenger Karen Brooks, who are both running for Humboldt County’s 3rd County Supervisor seat!  Both candidates did a great job of fielding some tough questions and communicating many similarities, but also some key differences in how they would respond to upcoming issues in the County.

  • Karen Brooks said that she would like to take the county housing element “back to the drawing board.”
  • Mark Lovelace noted that “infill only works if that’s what the people want.”
  • Brooks, when asked about the issue of  “shaded parcels,” said that the shading that the county did was “unethical and illegal.”
  • Lovelace is working to allow landowners to file “non-industrial timber management plans” at less expense to enhance their ability to manage resource lands.
  • Brooks is open to the idea of outsourcing many of the planning department’s permitting processes to local agencies.
  • Lovelace believes that a key government role in the planning process is to “balance the property rights of an owner with the property rights of his neighbors.”
Karen Brooks

I am thankful that both candidates came out on a rainy night to give us their thoughtful, sometimes provocative answers to some tough county problems.  It was an entertaining and informative forum!  Thank you, Mark & Karen, for your thoughtful responses and willingness to serve!

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